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Gewneral Water Ultra-purification Machine
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General Water Ultra-purification Machine

Basic function:
1. Touchscreen control, automatic self-checking on starting-up
2. Protection alarm of water shortage and power failure
3. Built-in RO membrane fouling prevention program, RO membrane-wash keys
4. IC Microcomputer intelligent control
5. Built-in automatic timing cycle process of ultrapure water, which maintains high water quality
6. Display of running condition and running parameters
Functin of water quality and quantity upgrading

Basic technical parameters:
1. Water source : City tap water, water pressure 1.0-5.0kg/ cm2
2. RO membranes water production rate : 5-100L / H
3. Continous water flow : 1.5L/ min
4. Retention reate of Si> 99.9%
5. Absorbance ( 254nm, 1 cm light path) : < 0.001
6. Particles ( bigger than 0.22um) content : 0.3PPm 
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