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Gene Water Ultra-purification Machine
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Gene Water Ultra-purification Machine

Basic functions:
1. Touch screen control, automatic self-checking on starting-up.
2. Protection alarm of water shortage and power failure
3. Built-in RO membrane fouling prevention program, RO membrane-wash keys
4. IC Microcomputer intelligent control
5. Built-in automatic timing cycle process of ultrapure water, which maintains high water quality
6. Alarm of consumable goods expiration
7. On-line monitoring of water quality resistance
8. 128x64 large color LCD screen
9. Display of running condition and running parameters
10. Function of water quality and quantity upgrading.

Basic technical parameters;
1. Water source: City tap water, water pressure 1.0-5.0kg/ cm2
2. RO membranes water production rate : 5-100L / H
3. Continous water flow : 1.5L/ min
4. Outlet 1 : Resistance of III-class pure water is 0-10us/ cm, conforming to China GB6682-92 of III class water standards and ASTM CAP NCCLS standards
5. Outlet 2 : Resistance of I-class ultra-pure water is up to 18.25 25oC, conforming to China GB6682-92 standards of I-class water and ASTM CAP NCCLS standards
6. Retention rate of Si> 99.9%
7. Absorbance ( 254nm, 1 cm lightpath) :
< 0.001
8. Soluble silicon ( SiO2) : < 0.01ppm
9. Particles ( bigger than 0.22um) content: 0.3PPm 
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